Wendy Murray Album
05 Nov 2013 | Jazz

Performance Choir

CHOIR_Image2If you love to sing in the safety and warmth of a group and/or to stretch yourself and sing solo you may be interested to join us every Tuesday evening at 7.30 till 9.30pm.

We are a group of lovely people who meet at my Armstrong Creek Studio to sing our hearts out together.

Bring the songs and skills you love to share with the group, learn some vocal harmonies, vocal technique and enjoy many laughs, companionship and stories.

This is a very special group of whom I am extremely proud. We create programs for special events and perform throughout the year.

A part of Wendy’s work is with older people within the community … to encourage each participant’s skills/experience and to evoke reminiscence. Stories, feelings and memories revealed in the music, of good times past and present, long held dreams of being able to sing, connections with likeminded people within our choir and other social music groups … always building stronger community ties and ever inclusive of the creative ideas and skills of participants. The learning journey is an ever evolving process.